An Item that has Potential To Rise

What is/are the items that you think has a potential to rise?Why?

;a thread.

For me Crown of the Rat (Current price is 20-25) because there’s only few items in game that has a Dying Effect and It’s cool too.

It depends, if players think the item is useful, hard to be obtained/crafted or its just good for a set and or may be it’s an limited item then the possibility of an item will rise.

More item existing by time = Drops

Actually, all limited items from VIP or some limited items can or may rise sooner.

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I don’t see much of a demand for Crown of the Rat, so I wouldn’t invest in more than ~3.
However, as long as you like the item, go for it!

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i swear half of the time a random item rises, it’s one of those ones you’d never expect. like when silly top hat at one point went to 20wls or whatever. i did not expect that.

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I’m currently just buying tons of gems and buying the winter seeds pack because you get for 2,8k gems so many seeds.
If u plant and sell that profit pure, i mean if u sell only the ice in pwe u get already more than u gave out so thats profit pure. :money_mouth_face: