Anniversary Cake 4yo not in PWE...?

at that time, i was selling 2 cakes for 250 bc when i checked out that its not in the BUY zone in PWE… is this a bug or is it not yet added in pwe?


Was wondering the same as I checked the information section and then after the recent pwe sales and saw that there were none… Pretty sure its a bug as I remember seeing the previous cakes being able to be sold in the PWE. Also the item itself is tradable and droppable so that also adds to the conclusion lol.


I think they where trying to make it where you can’t see it before they added it or they added it in last minute!

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i pressed x and retuened to pwe and left te world and recheck, still none.

because of this small bug, i had no choice but to sell it by typing. took me an hour to sold 3 cake for 200 bc.

I think this is a bug that some items aren’t showing in PWE when searching for them.

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It’s fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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big rip to me, ppl are selling it for expensive an ive sold it eariler for 3/200 bc. i regret, darn bug.