Prepare yourself for the 1st of December as I open a community wide challenge to beat my Calendar Code Challenge.

As mentioned in the video, for every 100 views, I add 10,000 byte coins onto the total prize along with a repost on my Instagram for an additional 10,000.

Can’t wait to let people try crack my challenge so enjoy the announcement video below:

Are you looking forward to my challenge?
  • Yes I can’t wait!
  • Not my kind of thing

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ok but what kind of color you want for the coffin


Prepare your wallet :skull: :skull:


Purple would be nice


Sorry for reviving the thread, but has this challenge happened yet? Haven’t seen anything happen Temple of Soil wise.

happened, but was canceled

What really? Why?

well he deleted all his video so I cant show i t, but apparently there were some problems and I think it was bit hard too so he canceled it

I guess Luke started to get some bad reputation in the community due to certain things, so he decided to cancel it, or atleast that might be a reason for it

To clear it up, a video was uploaded back in early December explaining health reasons that would arising and lack of time. A partial reason being how many people were exploiting things and abusing the event for their own personal gain was a little demoralising to see as well but wasn’t the final reason for its closure. We had hosted a poll within my Discord server that had gained over 50+ people that wanted me to host it next year rather than continue with this one. My community was the final decision for this :slight_smile:

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I bet one of the reasons why you canceled it is because you didn’t had enough bytes for the event and that can explain why you hosted a lure shop at some point. (You surely remember when i came first to buy all your green glowing lures)

I kinda doubt that, I mean the prize pool was like 650k (Was this right?) so it makes sense for him to have some spare bytes for the challenges itself :thinking:

Just maybe

We have obtained more than the needed bytes hence why I said we will do 1M BC for the next one as an inconvenience bonus. Never will anything in a game bother me.