Annoying ⚠️

It is very annoying when you trying to sell items at the most cheapest prices but people still wanted to drop the price more when they trade you

yes i know! i was sellig skey for 700 and some guy came and started selling it for 600!!

It’s not their problem that you are selling expensive.

its normal price is 700-720, i used 600 bytecoins to get skey why would i waste all my time for like 200 gems if i sell it for the same price

They’re probably trying to profit by selling it at the normal price lol


Yooo rus? (20 character)


Why would you buy keys just to sell them? You should complete the mines and sell the gems and the keys that you get. It is not his problem that you bought them for 600. That’s how the game works.

i got 600 bc amount of bkey, mined and got 1 skeys,

Bro you aren’t making any sense here.

dude i got 3 bkeys for 200 each which makes 600, mined for one and a half hour, and i got skey which will normally gain me 100 bc profit if i sell it for 700. if i sell it for 600 there will be no profit but i will just lose the hours i spent

  1. How do you mine for one and a half hours when doing 3 keys?
  2. How do you only get 1 silver key? You should get 2 silver keys from 3 bronze keys.
  3. You will also get a decent amount of profit back from gems.

So you are still making no sense. It is your own problem if you can’t fully complete mines.

You should finish 3 keys with less than 15 minutes. And get 2 silver keys and some gems.

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1.5 hrs??? Lol. What’s your set?

isn’t one run only gave max. 50 nuggets? so 3 keys is at most equal to 150 nuggets so 1 skey and 50 nuggets

Nope. Exit is 20 extra so that means 210 nuggets per 3 runs.

i just started the game. it been a week. what th do you expect

ow okay, i didn’t collect all nuggets in a run due to low hp and maybe same with him. so that’s maybe why only get 1 skey

lol I always have leftover bc when mining like I don’t think I can do 30 Skeys in 4 Hours.
So I just buy like 10 or 20 then if somebody tries to sell cheaper I’ll gladly buy from them.

Ah (20 characters)……