Another EPWR won 'the best set'

They really have to do something like “NO EPWR ALLOWED”.
Total unoriginal.

10 EPWR sets won so far.


Seriously, just ban EPWR or do a “EPWR-only” contest. The community is tired of cheating with EPWRs.


If the EPWR is what the community likes then so be it.

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You guys still care about this feature?
Man, give up. Rarely any good sets will win, if the community wants an EPWR set then it will be that.

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Only 8 sets have won so far out of 43 sets in total. I do not see the problem with this at all as it is clear that EPWR does not guarantee a win nor it is a miraculous cheat code. This disappointment seems to be exaggerated due to unsatisfactory results lead by bias.


Ok but atleast its a furry this time

I cant complain

Fair enough bestie :slightly_smiling_face:

Did I count wrong or smth

Yeah but only by two. In total there are only 8 winners with EPWR.

I hope dumb set category shows up
Or fising set category

I mean EPWR is a bit uncreative but why not ig :man_shrugging:


Never even bothered submitting a set after having enough of the best set contest

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It’s not creative, since epwr is just one item that takes up most wearable slots, which makes it impossible for you to find a creative combination.

I don’t even understand what part of community votes for it if most seem to hate it, I think these are children which are unable to make informed and logical decisions.

Which is why I want them to add a level requirement.

So you are against anyone using a ghost ring? Because it occupies so many slots? There’s nothing wrong with either and it doesn’t even make up for a majority as @Vaikas said. I’d just say that the flaw is simply that only 1 person can win. Whether the item is really “creative” or not is subjective, but it’s not a bad thing that it can win. First time in a fair while that one has even won in the first place.

there weren’t even that many EPWR’s recently, and to be blunt, if you have no EPWR it’s kind of your problem, either you just don t grind or dont play, or you just start playing later, so you can grind and get your own EPWR, and if you arent interested in that anyway, then who cares bout someone with a EPWR?

If it doesn’t let you wear lots of other stuff then yes. An epwr doesn’t show your thinking process, you didn’t draw it, you didn’t combine other items to make it, it was already pre-made for you, and you don’t wear much but that because you can’t.

Some subjective opinions are consensus.

Do you think if you make a survey, asking people if a clear world should become wotw, they would answer 50/50?

They wouldn’t, even though it’s subjective, they wouldn’t because most of them think it’s not creative.

The same way how a lot of people agree that this is not creative. There should be a level requirement to prevent alts and kids who are unable to make good decisions yet.

The same reason to why kids can’t vote for a president, why they are not allowed to drive, and why they are prohibited from drinking alcohol. Same reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to vote for the best set.

They’re not even allowed to play the game according to ToS anyway, but I’m sure they still do, which is why I want a level requirement to be set.

We have had that arguement a long time ago.

That is how voting works. People just prefer the EPWR, so it seems i guess. Creative or not, if that’s what people voted the most for then its a winner. At the end its all fair.

You didn’t really make any of the items for that matter, but I’d much rather see an EPWR than many other combinations available… including many seen in the best set anyhow.

Isn’t this exactly what happens in game though? People complain loudly about the EPWR but they win with 80%+ success rate, it’s clearly not just “the kids” or anything that are voting for them. So a level limit wouldn’t solve it if already an overwhelming majority are voting for it, unless it’s stupidly high like 100+. And yeah, I know we had the argument a while ago, I just don’t see why the hate for the item needs to continue just because it had won the contest a few times.

You have combined them yourself, which is what shows your effort.

The EPWR is a pre-made combination that is given to you, you didn’t think of it yourself.

There is no evidence of that being true, so it is worth an attempt.