Another one of those you don't see every day pics

World had a full house of Rusty’s

So are you guys like me, leave rusty locks when possible? Even a sole one on a world I’m long past needing to break locks …

It’s annoying you can’t place a WL especially when the lock on the spawn has been broken .

Don’t you think (well i do) it would be great to make dead locks retrievable? Then they could even be traded … I don’t mean bring them back to life !

yea that would be great. there should be an item like ‘‘Lock retriever’’ when you take it and punch a broken lock it became yours and fixed!

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It should cost more than a platinum lock though.
If you were lucky enough to get a world with decayed platinum lock, you’ll just be on your way to the riches.

who puts pl to their worlds if they arent going to build a pro world which owner probably sell or enter world once a year. maybe from a quest?

MMM id like to be able to move / place / trade a rusted Lock

Not convinced we need to fix them , they are common and cheap as it is …

As for being able to place a WL once the spawn is clear of whatever was locking it that should be a no brainer

I broke a WL yesterday and could not place my own … Well not until I finally found the small lock the old owner had hidden in a sea of Naptha!

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