Another suggestions, but about world settings

Yo there, so here is my topic - add more stuff and features to world lock and etc.
For example: blacklist or opposite - whitelist. To add someone to blacklist you could just select them in players list, with wrench or add them manualy to blacklist in world lock settings, if they are there - they can’t join the world as long as you’re owner of it.

Next: teleporting to players, dunno if is it fair or not, cuz mods have that feature I think. But you’re the owner of world, so why not? Also used by selecting people in players list or with wrench

And final one: teleporting to checkpoints. So for example, if you’re making a parkour and you need to test some areas, but you don’t want to use doors or spend bc on portals, you could do this if you put a checkpoints there.

Anyway, what do you think? I just thought that TP might be op but I will let it stay here.

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Also more world ban customization would be great. But the tp feature would help scammers, so probably no for that.

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How is it gonna help tho

Your suggestion needs some tweaks. Instead of devs doing all of this, i suggest shutting the game down :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1:

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Well The Biggest Problem for That is Dropgame, I see everyday Dropgames and yeah its your own fault if you get scammed but new player dont even know what dropgames are and teleport to players would make it so much easier for the scammers.

Portals are a thing in the game, just find your own way on how are you gonna work with it. Teleportation is just an overpowered feature just for the world owner itself that’s why only moderators/admins has that feature. There’s plenty of reasons why clearly teleportation for the owner of the world is not a good idea.

I must disagree, it’s not like the teleport is the only way, is it? Scammer can summon you or block your items. Even without teleport it’s easy to get scammed there, and teleport kinda wont change anything

Well I guess it does ruins something

Yeah, now that you suggest adding a teleporation feature for world owners, don’t you think you are adding more ways for players to get scammed?

No? I don’t think so

it’s not like the teleport is the only way, is it? Scammer can summon you or block your items.

Now, as I said teleportation is such an overpowered feature for the world owners to have that kind of ability that’s why only mods/admins has it. Now, if you still don’t understand the point I don’t know what else can make you.

No, I mean. You’re telling me it will help scammers, but it wont really help? It will just add them 5th option on how to scam. And you’re saying that “…such an overpowered… only mods/admins has it”, what do you mean by overpowered? Explain why is this overpowered

I’m sure you already know how it works if you watch previous streams of Jake. He will go free-camera mode and click into the selected position and voila he will teleport there. A different scenario would happen if world owners were to have this ability.

Why would you give the scammers another option to scam, what?

I am not talking about that kind of power. Teleport to a PLAYER, you can’t choose a position to teleport. You can choose only player

Ah, still.