Another way to REPORT someone ingame!

Im basically copy-pasting this for now, im doing home chores:

Date: 2/26/2021
IGN: TheReal_1NB4
Title: Another way to report a player.
Description/Reason: There should be another way to report someone in-game. i know you can report someone via the player chat or by wrenching but what if he left without talking, what if i banned the player and didn’t report him?

Function: The enter an leaving the world notification should be long-pressed and can be reported. (example: PLAYER has entered the world.) you can report the person by long-pressing, if course we have to ban the player first just in case. imagine your in a world with your dropped PL and if youd report him first, it would be all useless.

TLDR: Imagine if your in a world with your 100+PLs no doors and such and a player entered your world, arent you going to ban the player so that he cant take it. if he got banned and left the world, then you should report the player.

ill remake this once im done doing my chores. do i have to?
and what do you think?

Good idea (20 character)

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