Another way to UNACCESS in someone's world!

Date: 3/5/2021
Suggester: TheReal_1NB4
Title: Another way to UNACCESS in somebodys world.
Description: I know someone may have suggested it, but this really needs to be implemented. By pressing the world button. you can see the owner, and someone that has access into it. those people who have access shall have the autority to press (REMOVE ACCESS) which should be shown beside the (Has Full Rights) (minor).(edited)

Antonis73 > Today at 2:14 PM

  • I want to add something to this suggestion ^ In the world lock there will be a thing that records who got access and lost access in the span of 2 days to prevent scam admins get away

where the world button

pressing the social list. you can see worlds, friends and clans.

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