Another way to unban a player

You might think this was suggested before, yes it was. its just this should be added.

New ways to unban a player:
if you see this in the chat log
‘’ PLAYER was banned in the world ‘’
now you can long-press that text and press Unban player.

or by pressing the social button inside your world, you’ll see yourself as owner or some with access (minor) or other players inside the world. there should also a list of players that got banned in the world for 1 hour. new button will exists [UNBAN PLAYER]. or [DECLINE]

or by pressing the world lock, you are the owner. someone may have access and a new button showing the players you’ve or someone banned before. now a button showing [UNBAN PLAYER] or [DECLINE] will exists too.

or a requestal of unban. like when you got banned. a pop-up screen will say you got banned for 1 hour. there is another button saying [MESSAGE]. you can mesage the owner so that you can easily get unbanned with the reason.

What do you think?


It’s easier to just wait the hour. Better solution is to re-arrange the player wrench tab so people don’t accidentally ban (rarely happens anyway).

its really optional, re-arrange is ok too. but unbanning ppl is important.

I agree, a couple days ago, I was accidentally banned from the world buy(note i didn’t do anything weird, was just tryna sell my ypwr suit)
and boom im banned for some reason.

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A /pardon command would be better. It sucks how little moderation tools do world owners get for their world compared to the full admin tools menu for mods.

adding commands in game would mess everything up - forumer 2020