Ants on my Laptop

Lately, I’ve been getting ants coming out of my keyboards, anyone have tips on how to get rid of them?

(Kaluub said I had to buy a new one, I don’t

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I would suggest, that if you eat where you sit or type, to stop. Ants might be attracted to leftovers that might have fallen in. That might be how to prevent it from happening, but I can’t think of a way to get rid of them without damaging the keyboard…

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If you’re comfortable with prying open your laptop, I’d suggest you try doing that. Open the back side, and if you can access the keyboard area (depending on the model, it may/may not be easy), pry that open as well. Keep in mind that your keyboard will be connected with some sort of thin wide wire directly to the motherboard. Pull it gently, try to reach the back side and plug that off from the motherboard. Let it sit when you separate them for a good couple hours to let the ants go away.

Thanks for the tips, Mousy/Append!

One interesting thing that you might find useful is that most ants want warm climate. Anywhere from 70 degrees to 90 degrees. They’re cold-blooded, so they need their environment to adjust their body temperature. Try going in an area where it is cold and NOT HUMID to perhaps expedite this process (makes it more efficient as well). You certainly do NOT want to stuff your laptop into a fridge as the food may make the air humid. One simple example that you may be able to do, although not practical, is to let your opened laptop sit in front of blowing A/C. A/C air is very dry thanks to how it generally performs (look up Google for detailed explanation if you’re interested).

i suggest you don’t get rid of them, but instead train them to farm for you in pixelworlds.


You should report all bugs on pixel worlds to kukouri.

Bruh… That’s disgusting.

I’m going to assume that this isn’t a joke.

  1. Put on a pair of disposable gloves.
  2. Carefully disassemble entire keyboard.
  3. Put the electronics to the side and use a keyboard duster can spray on them.
  4. Take the keys, and other non electronic stuff.
  5. Brush the electronics and non-electronics off with a soft brush. (A paint brush is fine.)
  6. If ants come out, vacuum them.
  7. Submerge everything that isn’t electronic in a container filled with 60%+ isopropyl or hydrogen peroxide alcohol. (Basic medical stuff you can buy at a pharmacy or retail/grocery store if they have the bottles.)
    (Warm water and dish soap works fine too.
  8. Scrub everything with a dish sponge.
  9. Spill out the water, dry everything with napkins or cloth. Let the non-electronics air dry for a couple of hours.
  10. Carefully assemble everything again.
  11. I hope you never get ants again.
  12. Repeat for all your other keyboards. If ants keep on coming, track where they’re coming from in your house and use a broom to swipe them away.

Edit: Also don’t eat over your keyboard. Use a plate and napkin all the time. Wash your hands, use wet/disinfectant wipes, or antibacterial hand sanitizer. Keep away from the keyboard.

For separate USB connected keyboards, disconnect the USB power supply and then disassemble the keyboard. Some laptop PCs have removable keyboards connected with flat cable wires to the motherboard. Others might be directly connected and you might only be able to take the keys off. That or you can take the entire laptop apart and clean the motherboard itself where the keyboard is directly connected to. Make sure the keyboards are disconnected from the PC, and any power supply (USB cables, internal batteries, et cetera) before disassembling.

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Are you only seeing them at your keyboard or are you seeing them everywhere else too? like others have suggested, stop eating where you play. For a few days after, they will still come to check. Also check your windows and corners of the walls. As they will make holes to make it easier for travel. If you live in a house, check your lawn for anthills and if you have a basement check down there too. For any breaches in the concrete or the windows aren’t properly secured or holes. A good rule of thumb, is to clean up after yourself when you do anything with food.
If you continue to get ants, you will need to get into contact with a exterminator about the problem. As it will only get worse as the days go by.

Oh lol okay so what you do is you take the keyboard and smash it and buy a new one lol

Clean your environment. I don’t think ants in the keyboard is the worst thing that is around you.