Any benifits if you win wotw?

you know what, wotw seems very complicated actually. some ppl has to go to twitch in order to win accurately, or in some platforms like forum, discord or instagram. there should an npc explaining how you would post the wotw, explaining about it and what are the benefits.

this is not a suggestion

ok question time,
do you actualy get anyting if you win wotw?
how much is wotw trophy?

Thanks in advanced.

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Firstly, the thophy is not meant to be sold, but you can.

You do get 10 Days of VIP by winning.

You can also be a bad human being and get paid some shiny world locks in order to add an anoying portal at spawn that teleports people to another person’s world.

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Shiney trophy :trophy:

aka selling links previous wotw did this and jake just removed the portals or mods. don’t rmber who but they removed it

Didn’t know that happened with the previous wotw, I’m glad they removed the portals, it’s really scummy behaviour.

Maybe they can actually sell the world for wls or anh items in game

I wont do that actually.

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Thanks for the information! i dont even know you can win a vip for winning, they should definately explain wotw just like the vip’s bodyguard.

and ill keep the trophy as a collection.