Any dare?

i feel bored with videos i made
maybe dares will make me fun…
i have youtube channel tho

please dares
i hate my own videos :joy:

no dare? rip :frowning:

I dare you, to drop 10 wls in trade for 10 seconds in front of a lot of players.

I dare you to @ everyone in the pixel worlds discord server with 0 context

i have no discord …

My dare was funnier because pinging Jake is harmless. But pinging everyone is against the rules

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But you can’t actually ping everyone there
It would just be a blue @everyone but with no ping

Changing dare to > I dare you to Global Message ‘‘Join The Forums Now!’’

To @SubOliverJ > i apologize for that.

i need more daresss please…

You would have to go through and tag everyone manually, it would be a nightmare.

I dare u find player with dracula cape and say him: “hi noob”

easy :joy: (20 characters)

more dares!!
cause dares #1
almost uploaded!!!

I dare you to clear a Mine Level 5 using a Crappy Pickaxe. :pick: :wave:

omg what…
it was impossible :joy:
imma try tommorow

dare 1 here!
reply for more dares

I think you mean this video

yes wdym also (20 characters)

What I mean is that you posted the wrong video in the forums, you either posted a private video or a deleted one

Join a clan and do this