Any dubstep/brostep lovers here?


am i the only one?

I have dubstep bazooka if that counts lol

I don’t know exactly. I like specific electronically generated music, so it could be dubstep or be similar to it.

Just why did I read the title as stepbro lovers :man_facepalming:


IT’S CALLED DUBSTEP GUN :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Try listening to The Prodigy 90’s - 00’s tracks, it’s hella great and electronic!1!!

I know, pretty stupid name for a sub-genre of Dubby

nvm i don’t like it

what are you doing step dubstep

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Uh oh I’m stuck

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No need for inappropriate content guys, it is a pixel worlds website probs with some kids in it not hornpub lol fam

you’re the one giving references to explicit websites

also the swapped letters makes it no better because they make erotic music


If that’s the case, why are you ban-evading on a Pixel World’s website with some kids in it? Isn’t that inappropriate behaviour and a huge contradiction, Mr. Educational…? :nerd_face:


Skee deep ba badabooop

not exactly dubstep it was, rather the father of dubstep

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Rock and/or metal and their variations gang


limp bizkit is awesum :drooling_face: