Any Fiber Superior Users here?

I’m currently trying to buy a fiber superior rod here, how much does it cost?

I also have some question regarding lures, do these lures synergize well with Fiberglass Superior rods?

  • Golden Spoon
  • Stripped Spoon
  • Black Tungsten Jig

Lastly, is it possible to catch some huges with the rod (with/without gear)

Golden spoon (Slow strike)
stripped spoon (slow strike)
black tungsten jig (Haven’t tried)
if you want tuna lures good ones are
red jerk (Decent strike)
green glowing (Fast strike)

Butterfly and goldfish fishing have really fast strike too

Ofc it’s possible to catch huge, with any fishing rod.

Regarding the spoons, approximately how many seconds per strike?

That is if you have immense luck (for bamboo)
Don’t know bout fiber though…

Really!? Now I can use my bamboo basic to catch huges.

Bamboo is about 1% chance for huge.

The basic rod will work as well

Very easy to catch right?

Bamboo Rod (Superior), yes.

at best few seconds but most of the time maybe a few minutes Golden spoon is a lot slower than striped.

There is no slow strike in a right world orb for the lures and also u can use strike booster set (pf hat pf suit worm neck whistle) to make ur common lures strike fast with ur fiber. I can show u some demonstrations in game if u want. IGN: Milazor

Can you send a video of you using 5 Gold Spoon with fiber? (Not speeden up)
That lure is notorious for being slow asf, and I want to see the strike frequency when used on a fiber rod.

Best is to meet in game bro and ill show u how. I dont have anything for recording atm. Meet in game and i will show u what orb is best for centain lures i have like 10+ fishing worlds for it. And u decide if its fast or not.

Is this set suitable for a Fiber Superior?

(Do note that I’m also going to add Seadog Beard, going to use 2 accounts to fish)

Change the toga. It isn’t really necessary to use toga with fiber since catching huge fish with is pretty easy. I would suggest getting profisher suit instead for faster strike.

Alright, thanks for the tip!

For pc this is bad no need toga
But for phone yes this is good for improving ur control power

i just use full strike freq. with this rod and basically every rod. i find there to be no point itemizing for fish that won’t be caught too often.