Any growtopia players here

i ask who gt players here what is growtpia i heard it before

sometimes i play growtopia, pw better

Hey Ukyo! I remember you clearing ghosts in my world a while back. I Haven’t seriously played it in nearly one year. I log on once in a while to check what’s new.

Since the time I got suspended 15 days from now, one year ago, my average grade went from 6.7 to 8.2.

My goal is to become an aeronautical engineer.


Already sold my items into that game like selling my 3 letter worlds for 1wl each.
play pw, its better!

same ooooo

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Yeah, I have played it. It’s like PW but worse!

Weird coincidence, maybe people who move to Pixel Worlds have something more than vacuum in their brains.

I’m quite unfortunate though, since the salaries are low, and the taxes are more or less a third of the salary in my country.

I’ll just use up my free education, then move to The U.S. I’m tired of the European Union. The worst fate for a human, is working a boring low-salary 9-5 job until their 70s. I won’t do that.

I tried gt for a month maybe and got nearly a pl, maybe I was at 94 wls. I got scammed by buying an item and I just gave it all up. I still play but I haven’t made even over 6 wls

Only quitted gt because it’s alr boring… @Ephus
I only receive free hs because I’m poor so sad

Yes, I played Growtopia before (2014-early 2017) since it got boring for me.

i started play gt at november
ANDDDD quitted in over 7 days because so bored rip

Gt boring for last 2-3 years This is due to the increase in diamond lock sales casinos and Cheaters

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I quit GT when B.O.O. update came. It was the worst update ever in GT.

I personally liked it back then

I like to check on it. If I was mmmmmm richer I’d play it.
(Hint hint) if anyone doesn’t play and has dls please give me them. Lel

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I used to, not anymore

Having DLs is common there now. You’d have to atleast have a hundred or a BGL to really be rich there lol.

I’m not used to typing or thinking about Diamond Locks/DLs anymore… it sounds/feels so weird…
I have not gotten used to PLs

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I have never had a pl in growtopia. I way around 96 wls before I got scammed.

I have 5 bgls (50,000wls) nvm this is flexing

I played growtopia for 5+ years and I only managed to get my account wealth to 50 Dls and my max pure dls was 15. I was a horrible player lol. Pixel Worlds is so nice because it’s way easier to get rich.