Any programmers? I got a question

I got a quick question and I’m too lazy to register on stackoverflow.

Have you ever used any logical operators except OR and AND?

If I ever needed XOR for example, I would write

if(var1 != var2)

If I needed NOR, I would write

if(var1 == false and var2 == false)

I have never thought of that before because I didn’t know any other logical operators, and I have never seen any other used when looking stuff up.

Some of these do exist in some programming languages, but most don’t.

Basically, I need to know whether I’m stupid, or you haven’t used these neither. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What programming language you are learning right now?

This is correct, in Python:
if var1 != var 2:

This is also correct, but many writes it like this in Python:
if not var1 and not var2:

Difference between OR and AND:
OR: either or both are true
AND: both are true

This doesn’t actually answer my question; have you used any logical operators except OR and AND in any programmjng language?

The question is general, not a specific language.

My bad.

I am only learning Python, HTML, and CSS right now.

Based on w3schools and stackoverflow, there are only three logical operators


There are symbols for them though.

like &&, ||, !

This picture might help.

It’s so weird they don’t teach these, and not many languages have these.

I know javascript has a bitwise xor, but not other operators.

Edit: I meant they don’t teach operators except AND, OR, NOT

Non programmer be like… wtf are you all talking about