Any tips for starting recording PW vids?

Hey guys! So recently I heard that new update is coming which will bring stable 60fps on mobile devices. I’ve been waiting for this feature and now… now I can finally start recording pw videos as I always wanted. But before that, do you guys have any tips on what to record, how to gain and bring people to watch my videos and what apps - features should I use? (iPhone 8 plus with latest iOS). I’m thinking of using iMovie or kinemaster, also I don’t have laptop so it might be hard… Also, my in game name is ylliqm, which means it will be super hard to remember this and search me up, how should I call my self on youtube? 🤷🏻

I recommend u to use Powerdirector/Kinemaster Premium version.
For Screen recording Im using Xrecorder.
Recorder settings could be: “Dont show recording Window during recording”
“Shake phone to stop recording”
If u Are telling something with in game chat use “Fade” transition on powerdirector to make
Cut out to other message smoother
In my opinion is Powerdirector Premium version better.
Good Luck bro btw this is my Channel:
Ur name would be Ylli pw or something like that.
In my opinion its not best name:p

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ty man! and ik, maybe “yll pw” or something like that btw imma sub :3

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Couldn’t you have always made PW videos? I dont think a different fps would make a difference.

On IOS mobile the screen capture is 30fps, so when you screen record it is going to be recorded in 30fps no matter if your game is running on 60fps.

XRecorder like what @Fazeus said, its the best screen recorder ive used rather than bandicam.
and heres my tip: make your videos intresting (although ive told this to many content creators)

ios can record on 50-60fps, mostly it’s 50… and my game had really brutal fps drops, so yeah i just waited

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