Any updates of the maintenance?

Does anyone have an update about the maintenance break?

I think we can say that we are in the second phase (hours ago) because now it says “Could not connect to server.” instead of “Maintenance break”.

Lmao it’s showing the same from yesterday

As I can’t access my instagram i can’t see any updates on the issue at hand but I’m sure the game will be back up and running in around 10-15hours seem like a long time be devs are doing their best.

I also don’t think there is going to be a rollback and if there is they will update either on here twitter or instagram :slight_smile:

I asked yesterday “how active is PW on this (their official) page ?”

Replies said “very”. I’m not sure i believe that.

They don’t seem to be active anywhere really.

Also if they take much longer than today the games reputation will be seriously damaged … It must cost them a fortune …

Not to forget all the disgruntled folks who have spent real money on the game buying wings, VIPs, or whatever.

I feel for them

It’s active with pw players but the devs are short staffed I believe there is only two maybe three trying to sort the issue out.

They are loosing money 3 days worth so big losses.

Players who have spent money in game will get their items back it happens last rollback they went threw one by one :slight_smile:

Honestly tho this has happened before the game won’t be harmed from this situation just like it wasn’t last time.

It’s hard work keeping a game like this up and running and a lot seem to think it’s a easy job which it isn’t so I’m feeling pretty bad for the devs right now.

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update:it started again