Anyone donate me wl?

Guys anyone donate me wls?just for help

no :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for no :smiley: have a good day

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no :nose: :brain: :two_hearts:

Have a nice day :smiley: hope u get lyck

Better to not ask for donations here
If you will ask for advice or questions that’s when we can really help

don’t say for donation here go ingame if you want donations lol

Hello, you can work it hard, every players works hard just to get bytecoins and world locks.

If incase you want support, I can give you a crappy pickaxe or 20 red scrolls to begin with… (I go online every Saturday & Sunday)

If you can’t grind for 30min then go to a world “Donate” and ask for wls but it will take about 1h+ to make 1wl unless your to lucky (I don’t recommend asking for world locks people work hard for them, and asking for world locks is just something a 7 year old would do) no hate but go mine and just sell keys from mining you will get a lot of world lock by doing that :grin:

Learn to profit, not to beg.

We, as veteran player of Pixel Worlds would want to help via giving you some tips to earn :cowboy_hat_face:

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true :+1: :smirk: xd

Rich coming from you XD