Anyone else have this issue while fishing?

anyway, I made a visual image showing some of the issues that come when fishing.
It’s fairly common and occasionally happens when I have the string in the water.

Been having this issue for years but they never fix it no matter how many times I report it.

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I got the fish doesn’t catch in the microsoft version tons of times while double fishing… and i have to click on my desktop and after click again on the game window and spam the interact button… really annoying sometimes i even lose lures due to that…

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I am not having this issue, but I have the one where I can’t chat or press the menu button after catching a few fishes while talking unless I re enter the game.

thats literally the issue I put

Oh then yes, I get that almost every other fish

I have the same issue or similar issue

Join mining, we don’t have such bugs :sunglasses:


Sorry I value my sanity and free time, don’t want PW to become more of a chore