Anyone know how to contact support privately?

I forgot the password and email to one of my accounts and need supports help to get it back. I think they can verify your IP or something to see if the account is really yours i don’t really know how they really verify if the account is yours, but I just want my account back it’s not a high level account nor does it have good items, I just like the name and I wanna start from zero. Please help :pray:

As far as I know the only chance to recover an account is via evidence, hard proof if you will, such as monetary transactions to it …

As for contacting support you just go through the normal channels .

Sadly support is not a word you can use with Koukuri at the moment. I would love to be proved wrong but nothing seems to be looked at .

I know of two separate circumstances that have not even had acknowledgements/replies to their requests … None are from me but one is a complaint (they appear to have lost real money when buying something) the other is “why was I banned I’ve never traded outside of just a few friends and only ever bought at a PWE …”

I would love for someone to raise this general issue at a c-talk i just never seem to be able to be there at the time it’s held :cry: