Anyone know how to cure depression?

Hey, I am very depressed my family basicly hates me but in less mean way like im the “least favorite” i always eat like leftovers or the less premium , only 1 person that still “supports” me, anyone know to like cure stress or depression,I consult a live doctor it says im in mild depression idk what that means… But i do feel sad,angry, and i even have thought on suicide. I do know its wrong to suicide so dont worry about me getting ded


i don’t think there’s a cure for it, just visit psychologist.


Bro, you only live once so there is no point killing yourself and maybe you should try engaging with your family members. Just remember, no one is born for no reason! Your life is valuable and you are meant to enjoy it at its fullest! There is no medical cure for depression other than you getting rid of it yourself and while (maybe) speaking to people you trust and your psychologist. Just thing of happy things in order to boost your metabolism and just smile and stay happy :grin:! Brother, I wish you the best of luck and remember, suicide is never the answer!!!

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Mental health is a very serious thing. I’ve lost a few friends to it. If you genuinely think you’re suffering from depression go see a doctor. If an actual doctor has diagnosed you with depression then you are clinically depressed. That’s a serious thing. And left untreated it can become an even more serious or even deadly thing. Not prioritizing your mental health is one of the worst things you can do. Do yourself a favor and start making the effort to fix this for yourself before it consumes you.


I know xD i will never suicide, thats for sure.

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Honestly i went and i’m still going through this… like my parents got mad at me because i’m not helping them and everytime i ask them if they need help, they says something like : Ahhh… You always come when i’m done! or say that they don’t need help…

I’ve been depressed like you before because my parents was always mad at me for random reasons and there was no need to be mad (like i will not do chlores and they will be mad like if i broke something expensive)

You maybe experiencing the teenage transformation when you are like 12-16 years old and you change physically and mentally and don’t understand why you are changing… like i’m 18yrs now and i went through this teenage transformation… you go mad at everyone for litterally nothing, do mental breakdown and more…

I kinda agree with @Fazeus, go visit a psycologist or talk about this to a close friend, or your siblings… this will help a lot.


Just hoping to get better soon if its getting worst probably i should visit a doctor.

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But a doctor can only aid you, depression you should cure your yourself mentally! :muscle: (Stay strong my g)

Suicide might seem to be the fastest way, but realize that there are sometimes better ways to deal with problems, suicide can lead to failure making you suffer more in real world, so please don’t do it.

Maybe YouTube and Google can help you however, I recommend visiting a therapist/psychologist.

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Try being calm everytime, write somewhere (Gdocs, paper, word) of the things you are grateful of, it worked for me :slight_smile:


Same for me with my daily diary (that i’m still doing btw) but yea… like i was writing down my problems and my days… this helped me to feel better mentally.

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I dont have depression so idk what to say, but I do know some people who talk to professionals about their mental health so yea

do that

Yeah dude depression isn’t a fun thing to deal with,
I know it can feel hard to tell somebody about your problems because you don’t want to lay your problems on someone else,

but trust me it is always better to let your feelings out than keeping them to your self as that’s just gonna make you feel stressed and you’re most likely gonna sink even deeper than before.

Doctor you go

Get a doggo for extra happy effect

Just distract yurself by doing the things you like, works for me