Anyone know what happened to JEAN PW

Do anyone remember JEAN PW?
Hes last video on yt was posted year Ago…

ye he is now playing on another acc called bm


Why? (20 characters)

also penta his last vid 1 year ago

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i think he scammed and changed acc

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i hope he never makes content again. it was clickbaity and he posted illegal content such as using macros. unfortunately, he was not banned for this either.
one time i asked him why clickbait and he said it was because his aunty had cancer or something and he needed to help pay. i’m all for people being altruistic but this reasoning felt off.

Fr? Explains why he ditched my clan for another clan for seemingly no reason

If this is TRUE, is there anyway I can reach JEAN? the last time I had talked to him was way back 2017-2018 when he was making Casino contents or something.