Anyone know what is it?

Can someone tell me what is this item??

I have never seen that item ;-;

dragon mask i think 20characters

Never seen that item either. Looks like a mod item (but I’m not saying it is)

I remember it being from jetrace, forgot which thread said that

I already asked my clan discord, it is blue dragon mask, looks so nice, but idk how to get it.
First time I see this after playng it for over a year

It’s is? Ohh I didn’t know

i know its blue dragon mask or dragon mask its new item last price 100wl but i think dropped

It’s probably from a quest.
The info is “Mask made to celebrate the mysterious North Carelian Dragon. Exclusive intern appreciation item.”

Kivi the Cat item that is from quest had the “Exclusive intern appreciation item” too.

Same as the Neon Space Helmet/Suit/Gloves/Shoes.