Anyone know what this game is?

So uh, weird topic, so put this on pixel pub (OFC)

So, im trying to find the name of this game:

The game is very similar to pixel worlds and growtopia but it was cartoon-looking

I Remember it says “Please wait a week to create account”.

Im trying to find this game for months already, cuz i forgot the name

HeLP pLz

also, i remember a bit how the background looks like, it loooking like growtopia background, one more thing, you play it on website… If you know the game name, pls tell me :frowning:

Also it’s pretty much impossible to create an account.


Thanks! I cannot believe it lol…

This game popped a little back in 2019 I think , when someone from pw said on insta about a limited item in this game , so a few ppl decided to play .

I don’t know the reason but the game is in beta, so those that do not have an account will probably never play this game.
there was a little bit of farming , and a few limited items (smh I got something rare)