Anyone miss Starfire?

Ngl i wonder what happened to her.

I don’t miss her personally, but from what I’ve heard, she got demoted but then dissapeared. That’s all I know.

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Yeah it was quite sad when the Teen Titans series ended, I personally like Robin over her though


Wow exactly my thoughts, I always thought robin was better than her :relieved:

nah man robin is simp+loser

Robin from Teen Titans Go sucks but my man Robin in Teen Titans is cool :triumph:

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agree .

I could just watch Teen titans if I ever wanna see her again. She has her own wings in Growtopia too. Also a dragon in Trove

I love this thread, lmao

Show me please I want to see

Oh that. It’s a nice-looking dragon, I thought you meant her own dragon.

:hot_face:Darkfire > Starfire :face_vomiting:


that teen titans character? No, i hate that character, cyborg is cool

Raven best girl and you can’t interject.

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Raven best girl fr fr

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