Anyone play poketwo discord?

just wanna see if its good xd especially since i kinda hate pokemon

What is poketwo discord?

pokemon on discord , u can catch pokemon and trade and stuff

I don’t know how to play it on a bot, but I have alot of pokemon collection cards irl (not flexing but I kept 12 legendary cards so yes)

That was literally the Pokécord bot until it shut down for some reason.

Yes i played it
i got zapdos in a server with more than 150 ppls

There 25 online but no one cares the legendary lol.
I totally got it.

I played that for more than uhh 2 months?

And i have alot of legendaries lol

Guess the pokemon to get the pokemon btw

wht ur discord,tell me so i can talk to you more over there

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tell me u discord pls

Sorry dude,
I have too much homework rn.
So i stop using discord for a while

My server has the poketwo bot
we also have waifus

wat now :eyes:

Almost any waifu, you name it

u have karuta?(20 amogus)

Indeedily do yes we do

can i trade pixelworlds for karuta stuff ( jkkkkkk)