Anyone selling speed boost seed?

Idk if I have enough but I want a seller of it. So, anyone selling speed boost seed?

I see, trying to buy glitch seeds?

well not just seeds, I will try to buy as much glitched items as I can, not for profit, just for collecting

Bump. Still gonna buy if there are sellers

What is glitched items?

How much are you paying

i accidentally planted mine then harvested it . (accidentally , again)

Idk how much are you selling?

Items that weren’t supposed to exist but it does because of accidents

please dont say that i hate it when people reply with “Idk man u seller”
Just say a starting price and we can negotiate from there
Like what did you have in mind, how much did you want to buy it for

The last time I saw the price (which was a long time ago) was like 3,124 bytes. IDK the price now tho.


1 byte take it or leave it :blush:

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Luckily i stocked mine in a safe place

That looks a heck a lot like of a fake rise to me

What was the last sold for speed boost seed rn?

Same as before…

You still can put it on pwe tho

Are you selling it? Or it’s your only one and you will keep it?

Btw whats the price sold BEFORE the 9k sale

And no, i don’t sell it

Stupid forums where we can’t post .mp4 files…

does 3k sound good for da seed?

Anyone selling? ;-;