Anyone who bought the cards with >99k gems?

Is there anyone here who bought the cards with 100k gems+?

I bought the cards with 50k gems. : D

I spent 300k gems :cowboy_hat_face:

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wowowo :open_mouth:

I will buy with 1 milllion gems!

I spent 220K gems on packs, most of them coming from the recent item bundle in the shop.

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i spent 50K gems

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The card packs were like 3 WLs each in PWE when it first got released. Of Course I bought like 150k worth and sold em


Me too, but I spent 1 mill after that

XD me too, I bought with 1mill gems and sell them 650 bc each

I have spent over 200k gems right now. I will probably purchase more once I get all of my strategies and deck set.


i spent around 80k

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Me too, but, I will spend more gems if new card packs appear in the store (maybe), like pro card packs, etc.