Anything i should do?

i feel bored in game rn
nether no buff or new monster
mining boring
fishing even boring
jetrace doesn’t do anything fun
making world are the worse
hangout with friends just makes me lvl 60 bored
spending gems also not good (save it for halloween)
there anything i should do? not mining, fishing, nether, jetrace
cause very bored right now

Try parkour. Or try making pixel art.

forgot to say but i do so much parkours (20 per day) almost died 500 times in 20 parkours
i feel bored with the game btw (the update even still long)

Well then make sets or something, try get your dream item etc

dream item? :thinking: my dream item probally space warrior but i have 3pl it needs more

add more friens yesyes

i tried i want to add baka his full
other ppls too doesn’t want to friend me :frowning:

how about you add me

You should try out Wiring. Maybe even create a new minigame with it.

Sometimes it’s good to just take a break. In my experience taking breaks from games from anywhere to a few days to a couple months has greatly improved how much I’m enjoying those games when I return to them. It also helps that usually new updates could come out too, giving me something new to try out. If you do try taking a break, just make sure to keep in contact with your friends so they don’t get worried.

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As of me typing this, there are 231 days until Halloween, you should be fine to spend some gems, and you’ll still have plenty to use on the Halloween event. That said, here are my actual suggestions as to how you should entertain yourself:

  1. Maybe you just need to take a break from Pixel Worlds. If you’re feeling burned out, and really out of things to do, then take a break, and come back to the game when you finally feel ready to play again, and the game will feel much fresher.

  2. Try achievement hunting. There are lots of achievements in Pixel Worlds, and you get rewarded with cool items for collecting achievement stars too!

  3. Maybe experiment with features you haven’t fully explored yet. You could get into wiring, get yourself some pets to level up, or even beat some deep Nether, instead of just the Nether.

I can’t think of anything else right now, but I hope those suggestions help.

lol i bored with nether
i should try wiring

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idk ss with a youtuber?

found a youtuber for first time :open_mouth:

Do everything

-My advice

Baka? Were you in legionare? I was in his world and he added me lol yes im desti)