Are Martian/moon blocks limited?

Title says all

think so, BUT they’re farmable, so there will always be some, and I’d say that they’re gonna be really cheap.


No, they aren’t limited. I could see them being added Alien Kit or something in the future. But they can also return to the Byte Coin store at any point in the future.

well we dont know, could be added to the byte coin store somewhen in the future

Thanks for the answer, i didn’t know blocks were farmable

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I’m confused whether your being sarcastic or not lol

I think he meant to say ‘‘I didn’t know THESE blocks were farmable’’

I wasn’t sarcastic, i really didn’t know these blocks were farmable.

Also thanks @BernardSeller for correcting my message lol

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yeah, xD i just misunderstood because there wasnt a these