Are there any items that can increase block amount?

I can suggest making a new item that can boost speed
-Skateboard: has new emote that allows you to show off cool tricks with the skateboard and maybe increase speed.

I can suggest making a new item that can double the amount of blocks dropped if broke
-Perk Lucky Digger: When breaking blocks the block amount will double and 3% increase on block amount.

An item that boosts speed shouldn’t be added, imo. It’ll break the game’s balance.

ahh ok. But there are some advantages right?

I’m going to move this to #site-feedback:game-suggestions as it belongs here more than #general.

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They are ice skates; but it’s increases speed boost only on ice

IMO - Advantages

  1. Speed + An item that breaks faster = Makes clearing worlds more easier.

But it makes it hard to stop right?

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yes but it’s faster lol

Why did they even add that

I heard there is EndlesS world wich has suggestions but i forgot the name.

Also mounts, boost player speed by a lot.

Oof!! Finally i realised!

The Skateboard might be a great additional item ingame but I think adding a effect into it is less-good.

The Speed Boost prop is available on Platformer Booster, it drops 3 or 1 Speed Boost if i remember.

How about getting multiple blocks at once maybe 2-6 blocks

because each block its 70% + block drop

so 1 block not enough
how about block amount increacer

Before this was a item that grants speed, now the item increases the drop of blocks breaked? Don’t we have a perk for it?

Are there any items that can increase block amount?

  • No, but we do have the perks for that!

I’m not sure if I understood it correctly, but do you mean that when breaking a block, there is a chance that if it drops A block it will DOUBLE to 2 blocks? And the 3% is the chance?

That is exactly what he said :+1: