Are there seriously fake PW banning scammer videos now?

I thought that only Jake makes those videos, apparently mods make them too…

Wait he’s a moderator?

ex-moderator also that video is about 500 days old

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Jake isn’t the only one. Other moderators and ex moderators including Hinter have made PW banning videos. I’d assume they got special clearance from the administrators before creating such videos anyways.

I have watched a few of Ghustie’s videos of such type a while ago.

Hinter is still a moderator

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really oh my mistake is he active if so he is probably on when im asleep

Not fake. It’s real : )

He has freedom to do that because he is a in-game moderator, but he should’ve asked permission to copy the exact action. There is nothing wrong if a moderator is making this, this is how every moderators cares the community and bans rule-breaker players. and not by fame.