Are worlds actually "worlds"?

This is a theory about the worlds of Pixel Worlds.
As always, I’m not very great at theorizing but I like to point out various ideas of mine regardless, in hopes others can help me figure things out too.

Okay, so I was clearing out a world a couple days ago, and I was thinking to myself. Are worlds in Pixel Worlds actually “worlds”?
As in, are they really planets? If you think about it scientifically, planets generate gravity depending on their mass… And worlds in Pixel Worlds always have the same amount of gravity even if you strip everything down to bedrock (which is presumably close to the core).
Not to mention the fact that the entire world’s surface layer is about as tall as a small skyscraper, when in real life, Earth’s surface layer is REALLY deep.

And this is just the basic stuff.
Let’s not forget that with the power of orbs and machines, you can literally change the location your world is at in seconds (changing the background), as well as give it any weather for as long as you want.
You can even use a machine to alter the very gravity of your entire world.
Clearly, something isn’t normal here.

I know Pixel Worlds is a game and all and it doesn’t need to abide by the rules of real life, but let’s think for a moment with the fact that the devs are including a lore in this game, the type of lore which requires a lot of thinking and deep diving, which means that it’s not all that farfetched to theorize about the scientific aspects of other things in this game, in comparison to our own world.

Anyway, we have worlds that can be accessed any time by anyone, altered to our hearts’ content, and don’t abide by any rules of real life planets.
Not to mention that every single world is the exact same, too. You always generate a small forest world with the same rules and generation.

I have 2 possible ideas about these worlds.

  1. All of pixel worlds canonically takes place in a virtual/fake universe.
    This would explain a LOT of things that don’t obey realistic science, and could possibly still fit into the lore. It could mean that worlds are quite literally just small virtual worlds meant for the sole purpose of claiming and building in, just like we do when playing the game.

  2. Technology is advanced enough to instantly generate small planets.
    This could also explain a lot of things in Pixel Worlds. Perhaps technology is really just so advanced, we can create and alter small planets with ease. I mean, teleportation, AI, and other things exist in the universe of Pixel Worlds, clearly technology is quite advanced. Not to mention that Pixelians are seemingly immortal… But that’s a theory for another time.

So, those are just some ideas of mine. What are your thoughts on all of this?


the reason why the game is called Pixel Worlds is because you can make, explore, fight mobs and more in different worlds.

It’s just a game. its not like one world is already composed of 1 planet/eartH.

i know right. pixel worlds will live. and their technology will become advance in the near future.

ok if i did something wrong into my sentence then its prob because its a lot of words but ok

I think this is the case, just like IRL.

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The first option would be quite cool actually it would be like a matrix sort of thing seeing as it’s a fake universe

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