Are wyverns actually limited?

If you read their description It doesnt say anywhere that its limited
I know that there have been items like the Green Fullsuit that didnt say it was limited in the description but it actually was.
But what will they add after they run out of wyverns? Will they break the chain of adding wyverns to the wheel or will they pull another “Actually superhero sets are not limited to go craft an epwr with them lol” on us?
If they are not limited I think they will have some sort of connection towards the lore but yea idk

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I hope they are tbh
If they can’t come up with a new item every 180 days or something, then that’ll just suck so much

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It could be that they didnt put the limited text in the description because you can get them for like 3 months, so they couldnt put “2021 January mining wheel main prize” when it goes through 2 more months

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I honestly think they won’t. The days between each wyvern is so far, long enough for the developers to think of a new item besides a wyvern. There MIGHT be a chance that they become lazy and go “SCREW IT, DO A RERUN”.

But then again, there are some lore related sets that were limited. Heck, even half of the sets (3/6) needed to solve the 1st puzzle were limited.

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The only reason i think they would be connected to the lore is cuz theres 1 of every element

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yeah that makes sense ig

Crystal Pet

They’ll make every single kind of element that could possibly there for Wyvern. Dark, Light, Wind, Sand, Snow, Lucky? etc.

The light wyvern looks so good
But I havent seen a single person agree with me :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Don’t worry they can’t disagree in terms of law of pixels. Every element will be created.