Armor on mining

so what should i get excavator shirt
or deep dweller because ive seen on the wiki that excavator shirt does not give any defense
while deep dweller does
and i have no idea why people even have excavator shirt unless excavator shirt is better ?
when it comes to mining ingredients on the mines

People tend to buy excavator armor just for the looks and flex. That’s all.

The DD Shirt isn’t really that necessary if you’re trying to do lvl 2-4 mines, since those level gives you crappy ingredients.

i just got my epic axe a while ago i might move on to lvl 5 mine when i get full set
is backpack really necessary because like double jump wings for me is better i think so i could finish faster and also i can survive and dodge easily
also whats better for the face part
mask the one that gives huge gemstone
or beard/mustache that gives bonus gemstones

It’s a mistake, they forgot to add armor to Excavator Shirt, i hope they fix it soon too.