Art competition Part Two

Hello This Is Part Two Of The Art Competition I am Hosting I asked certain players to draw there very best hand drawn or pixel art of my character for a prize admins feel free to take down the older post if needed
Your art will be judged on the following factors Detail, Color ( If you choose to use color ) And lastly creativity

First place : 1000 Byte Coins
Second place : Demon Wings
Third place : Pixie wings

Disclaimer : All art sent to this post is claimed by wolfboypw and is allowed to use his art for uploads on YouTube Or other platforms the winner will be chosen based off of my persona favorites

In order to submit your art you must also put your name somewhere on your art piece or your in game name

Here is a picture of my character to get a good idea of what to draw




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pixil-frame-0 (8)

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8-bit version of your character, can i win?


Please me win I spent so long and hard on this I draw you on 1 pixel it masterpiece it so good it pixel art mona Lisa.

Screenshot_20210706-222422_Samsung Internet

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Ez win

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Some good looking submissions so far

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Wow very very very nice

something slightly unrelated to the art competition

umm yea, definitely a good art Mona Lisa.

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So did I win part 1? :blush:

The competition hasn’t gotten enough entries for anyone to win yet

Too bad.
I win by default :slightly_smiling_face:

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To show I’m still gonna be in this competition here is a sketch of your character

imma add the lineart and coloring once i’m done …


Holy …………………shiiiiii……

Lol almost like my drawing style XDDDDD

Im gonna lose this :rofl: :joy:

You should add color