Art Contest!

Added a bit more prizes lol

I’m hosting an art contest since yea
Here are the prizes.
1st Place
Thick Glasses + 5K Bytes + 5 Flamingo Floaters
They are worth about 11.5k bytes

2nd Place
Furry Winter Hat + 3K Bytes + 3 Flamingo Floaters
They are worth about 6k Bytes

3rd Place
2 Pride Hats + 1K Bytes + 1 Flamingo Floater
They are worth 1.5k Bytes each

So what do you have to draw to win?
Well you have to draw my flam go fursona
Here are the ref sheet things

Made by Espurr on instagram

Made by LittleBurritoPeter on instagram

Things that you should know before entering:
Only 1 entry per person

No tracing others artwork or you will be disqualified

There’s no theme for this contest so draw whatever ig

If you don’t play pw and win Idk who im gonna give the prize to lol

This contest ends when the summer event itself ends

Once again, you have to draw the flamingo character that you see in the pictures above

And at last heres a color palette

And maybe I will give out 1k bytes to some honorable mentions
I will be posting this on instagram as well


You didn’t say that i can’t steal png’s from Google
Get outsmarted :sunglasses:


This is unironically amazing LOL

I think we have a winner :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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What mediums are we allowed to use?..

What are mediums? (20)

I mean can we use traditional art (using pencil and paper), or pixel art, or do we have to stick to digital art?..

Digital,Traditional and pixel art (technically digital and pixel art are kinda the same but i dotn care)
I will let smile’s slide since it funy :slight_smile:

Can my art be black and white?

Sadly my art skill doesn’t stand a chance against this… but goodluck to you other contestants! :smiley:

You don’t have to color it


Funny thing: The pen you used is almost like mine

Bonus: We both post our art on a wooden table

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Put a lot of effort into making this


Nice legs Jack :flushed:

im sure can draw this but it gonna take me few hours xd

Bumping this thing lol

soooooo this thing is over already cuz it ain’t summer?

Oh damn I forgor to announce the winners here