Art service [Open]

Hello, as title says, I’m bit bored, Soo please suggest me any block/prop/item to make/mashup u want.
I want train my art skills better.

Legendary soil (gold parts) + ashen soil

alien soil + stone block

thor’s helmet + brown mask (no face inside, no body included and good luck)

make a plastic block


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@vanoyt383_pro Fixed messy lights!:sweat_smile:

good but the light seems messy great job :+1:

make cyborg (from teen titans)

if not then make switchblade

emmm well its a bit plain but ill admit a plastic block is hard to make

Remade it, hope it’s better one:

I tried… But it was fun to make it:

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dual flaming blade or dual poison blade

hmmm yeah its a bit better but im not gonna lie it isnt that good

Yea I know, u gave me quite hard thing to make, at least it was fun to try :upside_down_face:

yeah i couldnt make it better than that lol

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I hope u like it,because I don’t.

Omg I love it!!
We need a mask like that in the game

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Make a dog mask :stuck_out_tongue: