Ask me anything - Drunkhunter

I have never done this so I am curious about what you guys want to know about me.



Do you actually hunt, or drink?

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Both, not a safe combination sadly.

Untied shoes for a month or eat 2 worms. Whatcha gonna do?

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Eat 2 worms.
They’re high in protein and have high levels of iron.

With untied shoes I can just fall easier I do not gain anything.

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Whats the origin of your name/ how did you come up with your name? Also what inspired you to make a Backgoyle? And lastly, how are you doing lately?

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Knowing how you were an expert at PW’s Card Battling feature, which card (do you think) needs a buff and nerf?

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Well, when I was a few years younger, I went to shooting classes, and from that came a passion for weapons and learning about them. The first part of the name is just me thinking it would be cool and unique to name myself that way. Now that I am older, I do enjoy drinking cold beer.

I wanted to make something unique. After the owl mask was a success, I thought, why not try something that could be really useful? I could have designed normal wings, but I felt like the community would like some unique wings, so I had to make something strange but cool looking. While searching for animals I could use and while playing, I noticed that gargoyles could work and already have a sitting motion, so I experimented with placing the Garoglye on the shoulders of the pixelian and, with some more pixelart magic, BackGoyle was born.

I am doing well. It is really hot outside, so I wish my university classes would be over soon so I could enjoy the sun and have a much deserved vacation.

Now that Russell brought up on cards, do you find cards a bit repetitive on the whole meta? (Like gargoyle and discard)

Thank you for the owl mask :pray:
I’m pretty much a fan of owls

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I played a lot of PW’s card matches but I do not consider myself an expert. After awhile, for me, it became boring and repetitive, so I am not really sure what to answer, but I remember Sensei Pickle was fairly annoying to deal with.

whats your favorite familliar

Sleepy Starspawn and my second favorite, Jake’s Muggy, because I named him Beer, as there are no drink familiars other than that.

Dark clan or light clan?


Dark clan, because CLASH is dark clan.

I just like dark colours more hehe