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hi where is my bred, where :(((

As an in-game moderator, how do you deal with illegal traders on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram? Do you go undercover and track them? …or simply ignore them cuz it’s none of your business?

Have you any women for me?

I had my own ways back in the days; I even got a decoy number to msg people that buys/sells.

for me, ofc illegal trading is bad; but it’s something we can’t make it disappear, there’ll be one atleast.

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apparently no;

Do < ajajajsjajajsjsjwjsbakajshwiwh > to bypass 20 chars, lol.

If your mom’s number was your bank account balance, how much money would you have? :thinking:

Over 81 Billion

What are the numbers on the back of her debit card?
What is the numbers on the back of ur credit card?
What are the pins?

What is the best part of being a mod? And what is the worst?

And what else do you wanna do as a mod?

best - getting noticed/appreciated at least; despite I chose to keep my profile silent when I roam in-game

worst - (based on personality) where I have to be so extroverted;

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would you think i would get the mod also are you single cajse im ready to mingle

  1. I do not know;

  2. I’m taken


Do you like turtles?!?

You in college? If so what are u studying?

I am in college and i’m majoring computer science

I cannot code btw

i had one as a pet; ofcourse

I’m Indonesian as you, SEAF. I’m going to become a freshman at BINUS university (Jakarta) majoring in Computer Science. Any tips to do before I get into the university and while in university?

  1. Just hope that you got a good lecturer. (Those who are not mean in giving grades)
  2. Rumors that the new semester will be fully onsite
  3. If you are a regular person, aiming for a 4.0 GPA on CS Binus is just too high, lower your expectation.
  4. Attend many many many webinars.
  5. Join any club/organization.
  6. You need a good PC, you’ll get a list of minimum specs for your pc/laptop later on.
  7. Every Saturday & Monday you’ll receive a problem & you need to write code the algorithms. Usually 4 problems every sat, 6 problems every monday. And you need to do it for a whole semester.
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