(Ask me anything)

Ask me Anything ! Im currently banned from the game but want to have fun over here on the forums!

Would you rather kiss Spamton or Jevil

Do you like to play among us?

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Hmmm either?hehe hee

Uhm… I kinda enjoyed it when it was viral but not anymore

am I god or am I god?

is deez nuts funny to you? how many people have fallen for deez nuts by your hands, do you know what’s sawcon? and are yo mama jokes funny?

What sauce do you have with chicken nuggets?

Favorite Lego theme

Do you put milk or cereal first

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You are a god. Simple

How long you banned

I dont really think deez nuts is that funny. About 3 people (havent gottem cuz they know it) I dont know what sawcon is (Sorry) Joe mama… Joe mama… Thats funnier than deez nuts.

About 10 yers sadly y

I usually have curry with my nuggets. Hmmm there are so many now right? Well ive got to say its technic. I just like the difficulty. Cereal then milk.

Correct, you live another day

I’ll tell you, it’s sawcon deez nuts lmao


no no no you got me damn

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I love you man keep it up here

Am I an idiot who says ‘‘kaluub is pro’’ in every bt run after every prize + start and end + when he enters HALLOWEENCASTLE?