Ask wabby anything

hi ask me anything here ok

Favorite food besides bred and milk :smiley:

Did you know that there are roughly 13,288,947 birds in Liechtenstein and only 38,137 people, so if all the birds in Liechtenstein launched an attack each Liechtensteiner would have to fight roughly 348 birds?


do you gaming

Are squirrels in on it?

Fries and omurice ^>. <^

i gamer uhHh cookierun kingdom and ovenbreak

Interesting, I love birbs thou

Do they need to be? 348 is a lot of birds to best in combat. Just look what the emus did to the Australians.

Squirrels are joining humans, flying acorns are going to be Flak cannons :sunglasses:


A human can outsmart a million birds.

Would you send cats after those mentioned birds before?

Cats will take over the world. prrr

If a million birds fly straight at you how are you going to outsmart them, if the birds launched a surprise attack they could easily win.


How are you doing wabby?