Auctions in pw

i suggest adding auctions to the game cuz they’re cool
basically how it works is that, a guy can put an item on the pwe for a certain time normally between 6-24h , (the guy also can choose the starting bid like 50bc as the first bid or 10k bc as the starting bid), it would be a very good way to earning money and also you can make smth like if you have vip you could get access to putting your auction for 48 hours and also less tax to the starting bid.

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Great idea!


(My own update) Bidding Update

I already mentioned it like way back but yeah, it would be a good idea

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yeah just so the devs know that we all want that feature

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like the auctionhouse in skyblock where you auction items, sounds cool.

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PWE is already an auction. Unquestionable, pretty straight-forward.

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Pwe is a insta auction, actual auctions go for a while to end and you have to actually bid and the highest bid wins and pwe doesnt have that , pwe has one price and its what the person is willing to sell his item for, but in auctions he would try putting a starting bid and people will bid from there and the highest bidder wins, so basically pwe isnt a auction yet

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Yeah, but then if you would implement that kind of feature, don’t you think that people who will bid will also bid an amount based off of Pixel Worlds Exchange?

And what’s the ptoblem with that?

Then it’s obviously useless.

It’s a BIN (Buy-It-Now) auction. Not the traditional auction.

people will bid on their own items with alts

useless update imo

stuff is being auctioned already tho, just not through pwe, and people could use their alts to bid in chat, it doesn’t only affect pwe.

It’s not. Not everything is available on PWE all the time, so if you have an item that noone is selling atm, then you can find the person who is willing to spend the most for that item.

Also, community decides the pwe prices, not the other way around, so someone might be willing to buy your item for more than what it is usually sold at.

If you put it that way - “you can find the person who is willing to spend the most for that item” that’s like going to trade worlds waiting forever. And if you have an item that no one is selling, it’s either because it’s rare so they’re keeping it or it’s hard-to-sell.

Traditional auction would be a lame idea. That’s why there’s PWE orders.

Except you don’t wait. Exacy the reason we have PWE in the first place.

You were talking about auction… :question:

Yes, you would be able to hold auctions on pwe, without having to wait.

If the auctions would be an actual feature, you would see people placing their byte LIVE AND IMMEDIATLEY. Unlike in the orders where people wait for hours

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