Auto-Kick while MINING?

  • The reason for the question mark in the title is because i do not confirmed its a bug or not.

Its been a month since im experiencing it and its very annoying. it dosent lag or kick me while going to the world PIXELMINES but when i enter the mines, at the first minute i can still break blocks and kill mobs but if i take longer (ard 3-7mins) expectly a mob appeared, i tried to kill it but it wouldnt die. theres no disconnection sign when i kill the mobs. and sometimes i cant break the blocks.

ever since then, my world lock isnt rising.

TL;DR: killing mobs and breaking blocks wouldnt work after 4+mins and there is no disconnection sign, constantly kicks me off the world and my gold key wasted.

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well never happen if this happen i will quitting xD

im not sure whats happening to you but if it stays like that you should maybe try other ways to profit

try to check your ping sometimes this happens without the wifi sign thingy
but the problem is really the internet

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how do u check it?

Bumped for some reason: tried nethering, it didnt affect me then i tried mining after that, the ‘‘autokick’’ victimized me. no wifi sign showed up or whatsoever, it all happens when i enter the mines and tried breaking the soil, takes me 20sec to break one then i get kicked off the game.

This sounds like lag (it could be caused by the server, too). If you could provide some dates/times of this happening we might be able to look into it in case it’s a bug.

forgotted the time, but this happened last December 30 to January 20. i can see it might be the server i guess, never got the lag sign or such. hopefully it would be fixed since ive losted alot of profits which is isnt important rn. thanks in advanced.