Average Pixelian Net Worth?

TheNooboi and I were talking to one another for while and got to the topic of How many wls does an average player have? This is possibly the best place to ask so here goes.

  • 0-100wls
  • 1pl-3pls
  • 3pls-10pls
  • 10pls+

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I recommend you do a poll on this one like this

how meni word lox do u hef
  • 1
  • over 1
  • morer than 2

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obviously with different numbers


:joy: :joy: :joy: 10bc per day winning from Daily Bonus or sometimes 0 hahahaha

Got yah, thanks for the recommendation.

People who exclusively use Bytecoins as their currency:


Because you all suck


i voted for 1pl-3pl because i find it hard to believe that most of the community has over this when everyday i get begged for donations.

Yea this isn’t an accurate experiment since only well invested players in the community are on the forums

Your net worth doesn’t matter.
As long as you are having fun, then you basically “won” the game.


It was just something a friend and I wondered. Really didn’t care what if truly was but always wondered because of all the players in the game trying to profit.

Did you know during recycling event? so bytecoin dropped its value

Regardless, I still prefer bytecoins over wls any day.
(Even if I can’t buy something with bytecoins, I’d rather just work for it myself.)