Baby Water Wyvern, how can I get it?


If you were wondering, this is the item description:

The mining wheel main prize will change in a few weeks. Currently unobtainable.

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gimme gimme right now

So this “leak” must be the next main prize. Kinda lame since it’s the same but different color.

Isn’t that just the evolved one?

well with the chances we get from the wheel i doubt anyone will get it first day it comes out

The next one is going to be a Baby Earth Wyvern, I’m calling it now.

Well, I wouldn’t call it a “leak”, since it was already shown. but yeah, pretty much the same as Baby Fire Wyvern but in blue.

I want all the elements but can’t afford any of them.

if i rember correctly that will be on the wheel on the 1st of January.

Earth Baby Wyvern next.

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Maybe the original wyvern just got an evolve, this probably isn’t the next prize for the wheel in PIXELMINES.

  • Otherwise i’d be disappointed.

thought I saw the fake belly before summer event comes, so maybe this is the same it will be in the spin wheel at pixelmines.

am I the only one who saw this like a week ago and don’t care about it cause a all? Cause I know I couldn’t afford it in like 10 years, and could just look at it on other pr0’s and in pwe

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I hope it is, it’d probably stop the fire wyvern from inflating in price too much, and give people more familiar choices.