Bad ideas (but they're actually good ideas)

I’m quitting this game but I never said anything about never supplying feedback again.
Vending Machine
(refer to this thread)

Instead of just a decoration prop, it’s an interactive one it that’s works like a PWE, but it’s a personal offline shop for players who have it placed in a world.

Functions/works like any real life vending machine.

Put the items up for sale.
Set the price.
Be away.
Come back and collect the earnings.

Basically it’s a personal shop/PWE and the price can be any item set by the player/owner. Byte coins, locks, blocks, wearables, et cetera.

When the player is offline, people will come and check out the items and prices.

Works with any items, max quantity, and multiple stacks.

Max sell list: 5 slots
Price in shop: 20,000 gems

e.g. (Portals 8/ 1wl)
Current stock of items, and prices, can be changed at any desired moment.
There is no expiration time to collect the earnings. It’ll stay there forever and can be collected at any time.

Item shop worlds would profit from this because it’s convenient. We all love convenience. Price to buy it is also balanced. Pretty soon, I can probably guess people will start selling this for like 5 world locks each if this is ever added.

We already have a sprite for reference.

The mechanics are of my original idea because I was bored. Cheers to those who created the original original idea and artwork.
Multiple item stacks.

Any item. Multiple stacks.

Why can’t I just have like 10 stacks of Soil blocks. . .

Advocated for on old forums.
Multiple selection inventory dropping/trashing.

Self explanatory.

Advocated for on old forums.

RIP already got suggested here a couple weeks ago before me. Keeping this up because I want it.
Expect more ideas and forum spam to come when I’m bored.


no vending machine.
it will kill the economy.

If there is some way for people to sell items AFK in worlds, then that will harm the economy.
in the PWE, everyone has a equal oppertunity to sell items.
this idea only makes the people with rare name worlds more richer, and makes it 100x easier for them to sell massive amounts of items and price gouge items.


And we will see more world spammer


I made a thread for this question, since it pops up a lot in the community.
you can check it out if you like :smiley:


The only appearance of vending machines in game will be purely meme based. Jake and a couple of other developers have confirmed they will never be added, no matter how many people want them. There is also already a superior alternative called “PWE”. Also a majority of the community will agree that there is no point in having vending machines.

At this point, trying to get vending machines into the game is like beating a dead horse.

“Let’s take vending machines, but make them into a fun prop… And then make them back to vending machines again. But with different currency.”

PWE only uses byte coins as a form of payment.

Vending machines are vending machines. They’re personal and work just like a storage item and they any item as a price. Not just byte coins.

What I’m trying to say is that a vending machine adds more diversity. Players don’t have to keep waiting for a good price in PWE or wait for hours on end for a deal. There also no price tax. No expiration for how long the listing stays up for. Nor slot/listing space and currency limitation.

Any item at any quantity can be a form of currency. Vending machines can be in any world alongside a PWE and be used in conjunction with one.

PWE just seems more like a stable environment for byte coin references. Vending machines are much more opinionated with less anonymity of who the seller is.

Payment can be set to any item or quantity of said item. (e.g. 20 portals for 999 blue block seeds, 2 dark pixie wings for 700 platinum locks idk why, 10 safes for 25 soda jetpacks so on and so forth)

However, it must be items within a player(s) existing inventory that they can set their own personal price on and come back to when sold.

Basically mini item shops that work 24/7 and customers don’t have to wait for the owner to come back on because of possible differing time zones just to buy the item they want trapped in a block or display case.

This works not just in item shop worlds, but any world. Giveaways, trading, price references, p2ps, fishing, roleplay, parkour, racing, et cetera. The owner’s of vending machines can be doing one thing in their world with a number of players while another set of players are browsing the current collection of items on sale without the owner’s need to attend to possible customers.

Like I said, diversity. PWE is definitely superior… But only in byte coins. And byte coins are always in fluctuation. Vending machines are personal and opinionated.

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Use the “Orders” feature of the PWE! I recommend it and I have actually gotten lots of items for sometimes half the price of what people are selling for when I use orders. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That will harm the economy big time! Any sort of AFK way that players can sell large amounts of items will harm the economy.

Also one note; the developers have made it clear that byte coins are the official trading currency In PW, and that’s why there is more incentive and support to use them. So adding a feature which gives players the possibility to sell items for wls would be counterintuitive

I think vending machine is better off as a prop :smiley:

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This is not supposed to be a change to the economy. That’s what all of you are interpreting it as.

This is supposed to be for convenience sake. Don’t think about the economy. The purpose IS AFK and diversity.

Price gouge items are already controlled by well know players, rich players, and hoarders. This is not a new concept to me. Especially in every MMORPG with a community controlled market. If you don’t believe me, start playing ever MMORPG that has and is still existing.

There’s already world spam with each counting second. With each new update and feature, there’s already world spam. Mining, fishing, giveaways, p2p, PVP, spleef, random text, trolls, item shops, blah blah blah. The list goes on. You can’t stop world spam when there’s already going to be world spam with each new update and “exciting” features.

Rare world names are unaccounted for since they don’t count as inventory item itself. How the heck are you even going to sell a rare world name through an item. That’s impossible. World names are irrelevant to item trading.

All you really need to do is broadcast yourself as an item shop and it’s basically the same thing. But much more organized. You don’t have to put all your items in like 100 tiles. It’s more compressed and saves space. It’s basically a wooden chest/safe, but now it can be interacted by with players who want to buy items.

Economy is dead. Stop thinking about the economy. I will once again quote myself.

"This is not supposed to be a change to the economy. That’s what all of you are interpreting it as.

This is supposed to be for convenience sake. Don’t think about the economy. The purpose IS AFK and diversity."

I will dumb it down to the most simplest of terms for all of you to understand. . .
Automatic Offline Item Trading

It’s item trading as usual, but now it’s automatic and offline. It’s your personal Amazon/Ebay/whatever online retail shopping site you use, for you to customize and control it’s efficiency.

PWE can still be used in conjunction with item trading.

Online players can still look for and spam their online requests in worlds like TRADE, BUY, and TRADER… Active trading based worlds.

All you really have to do is broadcast yourself in chat, or with a Ham Radio, as an item-shop and people will still come regardless of what the world name is. It can be your personal and favorite world. It can be a random and temporary spam world with the name of “waidwaojdoiwq” or “dawiojoieuc124”.

This is not your typical super popular MMORPG on the Internet with a community controlled market. This is not WOW, EFT MapleStory, Destiny, RS, OSRS, AO, PSO, ESO, FFXIVO, Star Wars, Trove, Club Penguin.

I’ll probably guess at most that this community has only a weekly active player based cap of at least a couple thousand perk week. Less than 10k at most. Still, the economy shouldn’t be your biggest priority since it’s already scuffed as it is. Especially with community submitted items being sold.

In fact, if anything, this should only encourage more trading than with the usual byte coins since it’s price fluctuation is, if I recall correctly, in a sort of depression of sorts. Byte coins are unstable and have less interactions. As a comparison, world locks used to be of the of equivalent value as byte coins. But now world locks are much more valuable than byte coins since you’d have to undercut the sell price with other competing prices. While at the same time, you don’t need to undercut with world lock selling since there’s no number based quantity to differentiate between the value of two distinctly same world locks. In fact, it’s the community set value of ever other item in-game that sets the value of world locks.
I could keep on going on with this argument because there are more pros about convenience than there are cons about the economy which is completely biased in favor of earning profit in this game rather than QoL to make this game a little more enjoyable.

One more thing, I don’t understand what the problem is against the automatic of personal item trading. My interpretation of the vending machine is supposed to make to so that trading is less of a hassle and much more organized. Diversity. Convenience. I keep saying those two words because they mean something.

Basically like wiring. It automatics the interaction of connected tiles instead of being manual.

PWE is only superior in byte coin trading. But only if you undercut against competing prices. How the heck is that fair? The only thing fair about the PWE is that every place has access to it by default and that’s that. Tell me I’m wrong. Please. PLEASE TELL ME I’M WRONG. PLEASE.

The only reason to ever use the PWE is if you have trash you don’t like and to get byte coins. Then use those byte coins to buy something. Then have no byte coins and repeat the process.

Sadly, we can see the fact that Vending will change the game from Growtopia(The one that most similar to pw gameplay).

I don’t play GT. Big sad. RIP in pieces.

Well, I’ve played GT for a long time and I know the changes and it’s so bad after they add that function of Vending machine

I can’t imagine how. I really can’t. I can only picture it automating the trading system but that’s that.

Holy hell why not just have normal vending machines that give snacks and soda or other stuff

OMG why didn’t I think of that? Good idea.

Even better.

We can just make it a prop. A prop that does not and adds no flair other than a 1kb sprite that has no meaning other than as decoration. Hooray!


We implement hunger and then we can buy snacks and soda or other stuff from said vending machines.
I was being sarcastic.

I’m trying to implement QoL. I don’t understand how automatic trading can break the economy. It’ll only change the way how we do trading by a margin, but I can only see majority of positives and and small amount of negatives where people only want to go by the current standards of life.

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No see I don’t care about the economy at all and yes automatic trading wouldn’t break anything since you wouldn’t have to look that much for an item you actually want as you can go to a world that you will either know has it or most likely has it and if not it’s just more time searching without people having to spend hours and hours trying to sell or look
I think I worded that right
Yea gt added this but holy hell who actually cares if they did
runescape did it first

I kinda see what you’re talking about. I saw a video. It’s all dictated by one form of currency though. My interpretation is that a player can sell anything they have for anything for anything they want without attending to their customers* question or needs.

It’s basically like the PWE. But the PWE is worse. Everyone wants higher quantity/value for lower prices. It’s a competition. It’s the stock market at its finest.

And it’s even worse especially considering how low the value of byte coins have become. Originally it was standing at the player set value 450 byte coins for 1 world lock. Now it’s at 280-300 and deprecating. It keeps getting lower. If we’re lucky, it’ll won’t get any lower than 250. If not, it’ll soon reach the developer set value of 219 in the Pixel Station and players won’t go any lower than that. They’ll uppercut to around 220-249 or 255. If we’re REALLY unlucky, an individual or group will attempt to manipulate the market in nefarious ways that the value will reach and stay stuck at 219 and will never go up again. And if it gets REALLY BAD, admins will have to change the developer set value of 219 to 300 byte coins for 1 world lock just so they can attempt to fluctuate the value of byte coins to a higher selling price again.

The vending machine is free of all limitation that GT’s vending machine and the PWE has.

  • No tax
  • Any item can be accepted as a form of currency (not just locks or byte coins)
  • As many vending machines as any player can afford
  • 5 slots each
  • All for the price of 20,000 gems
  • Every price has it’s own opinion
  • Standard trading but offline and automated
  • It may or may not break the already broken economy since it’s not controlled by 1 currency
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Vending machines only become a failure once it’s controlled by only a a single form of currency.

Only when there’s a single form of currency do people start jacking the prices of items up. It will definitely destroy the economy if I had to only use world locks to buy items from them. If I see an item that I like, and I could buy it for like a couple of butterflies that I don’t need. Maybe an xmas jetpack for an Ultra Rare butterfly. The combinations are infinite and automatic. It only takes 1 player to go into your world, maybe broadcast, and buy the item your selling for an item they don’t need.

And if possible, we could even use gems as a form of currency. It’s a new challenge that the community would have to get over.

Orders is interconnected with the PWE. I don’t bother with it.

Just because it’s official doesn’t make it necessarily good. The incentive is that it’s official. There’s no real incentive to it being official. It’s a fact that the developers have stated that it’s the “Official Trading Currency” that makes it official. The incentive bring benefits towards one party/individual or another. Supporting it is also a bad idea considering the fact that byte coins will devalue over time.

Give or take 1 year it’ll reach 250 or lower for 1 world lock. You could buy a world lock for a world lock. You could sell a world lock for a world lock. Or you could buy 300 byte coins for a world lock. But when you want to sell your byte coins, you’re going to have to compete against the other prices and uppercut them at around 320-330 per pop. Then the value will decrease again and reach the low low price again zip it goes back up to 300 and then the cycle repeats for all of eternity. But then it’ll get to lower than 300. 270 will maybe because the base price. Then 250. 240. 230. Someone will uppercut to 280-290. Then it’ll go back down again. That’s not trustworthy. I’ll stay with locks because they’ll never go higher or lower in value.

Also, byte coins being the official currency could mean anything. It could mean that the intent for byte coins is to be used as a main source of currency by the general population of currently active players. They’re also indirectly implying to items that aren’t byte coins as unofficial sources of currency. Such as locks, wearables, blocks, et cetera. They aren’t specifically stating it, but it’s out there for interpretation.

You misinterpret the idea of vending machines. Automation. Convenience. We already have the feature that sells items for world locks. It’s called trading. Ever heard of that?

If I wanted to sell items for world locks, I would just go to the world TRADE and spam all my buy and sell requests there to the currently online players without needing to make an item shop world. Or I would just beg for world locks in the world DONATE if I had the spare time (irrelevant but okay). It’s not counter-intuitive if it already exists. It would only be redundant and game breaking to make world locks the main and only source of currency to buy items from vending machines. Rather, as I have already said.

Anything for anything. Automation. Standard trading made more efficient. AFK is the same as offline. It won’t hurt anyone if you want to make a broadcast and then go to sleep while people buy your stuff. Besides, the ones selling large amounts of items don’t really need vending machines. Like I said, it only takes 1 broadcast, 1 forum post, 1 discord reply, 1 IG post, 1 YouTube video or anything else to sell those items. The offer stands up until the items are sold. The only ones who are buy and selling those large amounts of items are hoarders and rich players. Not everyone will get to afford those ideas, but they won’t lose out of anything either if they’re not a participant.

If you want a vending machine as a prop, it doesn’t really go against anything I tried to put out.

If you do really hate the idea of vending machine, we can re-brand it to “Mini-Shop” and now it has lost the original meaning as a “Vending Machine” but the same mechanics still apply.