Ban the imposters!

The reason i am making this post is because there are a lot of toxic people in the community that abuse, harass and spread false information about a lot of other players (including influencers, moderators and some normal players) not inside the game but outside the game in social media platforms like Instagram YouTube and Forums. I humbly request the developers to please take action against them following are some recommendations that might help.

  1. allow the moderators to ban players who abuse/harass(outside or inside the game) them or other players from the game.
    2.please ban/warn the players whose messages get reported in which they use abusive language(a lot of people don’t get banned or warned for this)
    3.the devs should try to be more active on what’s going on in the community and try to judge who is right and who is wrong.
    It will make your game better and a lot of those veteran players are quitting and their reasons are not even given attention (they were the ones who helped you with the game to grow) that’s it i hope i get a positive response! best wishes

First of all, nobody from the Moderator and Developers Team are not responsible of what’s happening outside the game.

Secondly, Devs do have time but not full-time to moderate the community as they’re more focused on obviously developing looking for improvements. There might be some who are in look out for these convicts.

Lastly, Veterans did not helped the game to grow. The game itself had its very own growth from the very beginning. They’re putting up advertisements that would attract players to play the game.


Yes, the community is toxic unlike before; peaceful and quiet. People be putting up so much dramas out-of-context, blah blah blah.

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Yeah the toxicity simply just can’t be avoided.

When a game grows that means different people start playing the game and chances are atleast a decent amount of those new players are toxic

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i think you are wrong check the stats here people coming from advertisements are a lot less than those recommended by their friends anyways lemme explain you with an example if devs/mods see a player trying to sell is stuff for gt or irl outside the game on instagram/discord etc they will immediately ban the player without searching the in game proof or even checking the logs so the same should happen with toxicity. though the toxic players in game dont get warned or banned btw you said the devs are too busy to make developments in the game bro,… the game has a community manager his job is to look what the community is doing what they want and are there illegal players in the game? if yes he bans them also he makes the moderating systems to help the community be less toxic but this work is not being done the devs and moderators focus on illegal trader

Yeah, 'cause you’re looking into a poll with 2.5K votes which is not even more than 10% of the majority of the players.

Okay, then tell me how are they going to trace your-so-called “Illegal Traders” outside the game? They can’t because they don’t know who is it.

The so-called “toxic” people weren’t able to get warned neither banned, why? Simply because no one is reporting 'em or due to the reason that a Moderator should be in the same world with the reported player in order to give them punishments. Atleast with my knowledge.